Samsung, Apple and OnePlus Oh my! #014

A busy week in the tech news from Samsung to OnePlus and speaking of Samsung there was a lot of announcements!. It’s a great week of tech news for sure!

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GNC WIR Special Edition #013

This week is a special edition of GNC WIR on how to stay safe online also while the Super Bowl was a snoozefest, amazingly a lot of people were streaming it online!

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Data Privacy Day? #012

This past Monday, January 28th, I had no idea that on the calendar was Data Privacy Day on Monday. I got to say that you really don’t have privacy nowadays if are using your phone or your desktop/laptop and you are on Facebook, Google, etc, you can pretty much expect that your privacy is completely nonexistent.

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YouTube TV expanding in the U.S. #011

Wow, the month of January has really flown by hasn’t?  Finishing up the last week of the month where there is a lot of cord-cutting news from YouTube TV To Pluto TV,  the latest news on the foldable phones coming soon and a lot more!

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Can we please end the government shutdown? #010

This is crazy, 28 days and the US government is still shut down! There are important things to be addressed for a lot of people that Congress should act on now not to mention there are a huge amount of people that are working for the US government who have not been paid for almost going on a month. I hope and pray that this shutdown ends sooner than later.

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CES 2019 Wrap-Up #009

CES 2019 has come to a close and I have a lot of CES 2019 news that came from Las Vegas on this weeks episode also there was other tech news as well including Jeff Bezos announcing his divorce on Twitter which begs the question why would you announce to the world that you and your wife is getting a divorce?


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CES 2019 Preview #008

Happy New Year 2019!! This is the first episode of the new year and I have a preview of some the tech news that will be coming from CES 2019 and Todd from Geek News Central will be down in Las Vegas covering the latest in tech from Tech West at Sands Expo, you can watch the stream starting on January 8th at 10 am PST over on or here.

Before CES 2019 kicks off, there is other tech news from this past week including Apple is forecasting it will have a slow go in the new year. Could it be that demand for the latest iPhone is not that high? Or maybe would anyone purchase one for over $1000?

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GNC Year In Review #007

2018 is coming to close in less than 3 days from today and this weeks episode is a special edition of GNC WIR. I am going to dive in with the tech news of 2018 from Facebook trials and tribulations to what was trending on Google to what was trending on Twitter and a whole lot more…… don’t worry there was plenty of tech news from this past week too.

I want to thank Todd Cochrane so much for allowing me to have my very own podcast along with his partner shows over at Geek News Central as well being part of the GNC team for the Geek News Central podcast as Executive Producer. I also want to thank everyone with their congratulations and support be it on Facebook, Twitter, texts etc since I started a few months ago on this podcast. I must say it’s a little bumpy 7 episodes in but I can honestly say it will get better over time and I will continue to ask everyone to come along with me on the ride. I hope everyone has a safe, happy, healthy and joyous 2019 and I look forward to the 1st episode of 2019 on January 4th and I hope everyone will too!


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I have an iPhone, can Google track my movement? #006

Google CEO Sundar Pichai testified before the House Judiciary Committee on December 11th and the committee convened about Google’s data collection and privacy and like CEO Mark Zuckerberg gave boilerplate answers to the congressman questions he did the same. What struck me odd was the numerous questions that Google has some type of liberal bias that was asked from the Congressmen over the span over 2 hours plus when the committee convened is about data collection? I don’t get it. .

Also, another question I like to know is that doesn’t Congressmen know that if you don’t want to provide your location on your smartphone, you can turn it off?

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“Galaxy Fold” Really Samsung? #005

This week, Microsoft announces a foldable smartphone arriving in 2019, I don’t think Microsoft had a smartphone for the past few years so it’s quite a surprise and not to be outdone Sony is announcing a foldable smartphone; which begs the question that I have asked for the past couple of episodes why would these companies think that consumers would actually purchase one?

So would be 2019 be the year of the foldable smartphone or will it be 5G?

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