Burnt Hair? Really? #111

This week, Elon Musk is selling perfume, Netflix is setting up shop in NJ, and Apple is reportedly withholding benefits from union workers.

Also, this is the second of three special episodes as we are teaming up with F5 Refreshing Technology again. We will have unique content from their podcast in each episode, including F5 Refreshing Technologies co-host Avram Piltch and his segment, the Piltch Point. He’ll talk about PC builds and what is the best bang for your buck.

Show Notes:

From F5 Refreshing Technology:

**Nifty Gifties**

Surface Pro X

Surface Studio 2

Surface Laptop 5

**Piltch Point**

**Extra Life**

The Final Fantasy series shuts down

**News from the Tubes**

Amazon’s prototype internet satellites 

**DRM Not Included**

Netflix with ads